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Wilkins RoadTested Guitar


starting at $3,350.


The WRTS is the realization of years of research to create the finest electric guitars available. Each instrument is the result of years of speaking with working musicians to find out what works best in real world conditions. Traditional and exotic woods are carefully combined to create stunning beauty and tonal characteristics that excel in live and studio settings. Careful measurements of historical examples are applied to modern construction methods to set tolerance standards unavailable in previous times. All WRTS  instruments are finished with the finest modern finishes and colors available. Our period correct colors are unmatched for accuracy and beauty. Our custom finishes and colors represent decades of experience and dedication to detail. Wilkins WRTS single coil and humbucker pickups are fast becoming the choice of professionals worldwide. Wilkins pickups are a specifically analyzed combination of tight and scatter winding to create the punch and breath that discerning ears require. Built with CNC precision, each pickup is an exact replica of our research. Finished with the finest hardware available, the WRTS guitar has redefined the art of guitar making.



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