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 RoadTested Marlin Series

Medium Scale Basses

 The Wilkins RoadTested Marlin Series

incorporates innovations in tone and versatile configurations


The NEW Marlin Series Basses have custom designed Tic Tac pickups by Howard Ulyate that are powerful and have a very aggressive, full spectrum sound that perfectly compliments the 32” scale. 


The Marlin J4 and J5 basses incorporate J style pickups, double wide with Tic Tac magnets and P style positioning. The Marlin J Series comes chambered  and is available in exotic woods.


Marlin PJ4 and PJ5 are built on a P style body with an added J style pickup which is mounted closer to the neck to increase the fullness and tonal range. When the custom pickups are combined with an Audere preamp the variety of tone is incredible. The PJ configuration is extremely flexible and strives to provide a “one bass fits all” solution for the working musician.

NEW 10 year RoadTested BANNER final .png
Marlin 5
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