Please take your time while visiting our web site. We encourage you to be as creative as you want to be, because every instrument that we finish is a challenge and a work of art to us. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Pat’s artist client list includes John Fogerty, Jackson Browne, Elliott Easton, Doug Figer, Eric Clapton,  Kirk Hammet, James Hetfield, Jason Newsted, Rob Zombie, Marcus Miller, Bryant Siono, Robin Ford, Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Ron Blair, Michael Angel, Eddy Van Halen, Alphonso Johnson, Jauqo IIIX, Dig Lewis, Michael Thompson, Lightnin’ Willie, Earl Slick, Marty Stuart, Keith Rosier, Brad Davis, Coco Montoya, Andrew Gold, Adam Nitti, Bobby Manuel, Dwayne Larring, Ryan Talent,  Dan Schwartz, George Biondo, Joe Iaquinto, John Butcher, Leland Sklar, Bob Glaub, Mark Mancina, Rick Springfield, Mark Creamer, Mark Goldberg, Pete Anderson, Rick Holmstrom, Steve Ripley, John Butcher, Teddy Castalucci,  Matt Malley, Jimmy Earl, Jimmy Haslip, Angel Dean, Vernon Reid, Dan Sawyer, Phil Chen and many others

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Stains & Burst


Solid Colors

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“Best durability, the smoothest, slickest finish, and that wet look

that so many companies strive for but fail to achieve” 

Pat’s beautiful colors and clears are the result of over 30 years of rigorous testing and are created with the same products used by exotic car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and other fine automobile manufacturers. 

Creative Custom Designs
If you are looking for more than a standard or “Vintage” look, we will work with you to achieve a beautiful result that is uniquely you. If the color, finish, or concept is imaginable, we can capture it using the appropriate blend of techniques from basic finishes through intense mural-type air brushing or exotic materials such as color-changing paints.

Below are just a few of the colors and finishes we offer. Please keep in mind that colors seen on the web cannot duplicate the delicate color qualities and subtle differences in these custom colors. We offer "correct" vintage colors and any other variation you can think of.

Please contact us to discuss your specifications.


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