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Kevin Johnson 

November 16th, 2015

Bass of the Week: Wilkins Road Tested Roasted Cayenne WRTJ5

Made in the USA, the Wilkins Road Tested Roasted Cayenne WRTJ5 Bass is an instrument that the builder says will make you feel right at home. Luthier Pat Wilkins, who has been in the industry since 1976, writes that the WRTJ was developed from years of extensive research on one of the most widely used basses in the world. 

This model of the WRTJ5 is roasted to strengthen the wood while reducing weight and enriching its color. Wilkins explains the process while talking about the bass in this informative clip:


 The bass is built with a roasted alder body, a honey roasted maple neck, and a dark roasted maple fingerboard. It’s fitted with Aguilar J-pickups, a Glockenklang preamp, and Hipshot hardware.

wrtj5 098_edited.png
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