The RoadTested Series features bodies of carefully selected alder or ash accurately cut to vintage specifications. Choose from solid maple necks with Indian or Brazilian Rosewood, ebony or maple fingerboards. Period correct or 6150 frets available. Wilkins exclusive scatter wound pickups deliver that true signature vintage tone. Stock vintage volume-tone wiring or modern electronics also available. Hipshot hardware or Wilkins bridge and Hipshot locking tuning gears. Finishes are done in house to exacting colors and specifications.

RoadTested  Basses

Medium Scale Basses


Electric Guitars


Wilkins RoadTested

Bass Strings

Wound by hand with the finest American sourced materials made in the USA.

Wilkins uses a proprietary string construction formula that produces a bright flexible string. 


String Construction:

  • Nickel Plated Steel or Stainless Steel

  • 36.75" Winding Length

4 String Sets          $24.00

5 String Sets          $30.00

Sets available in

Light: .040 .060 .080 .100 .120

Standard: .045 .065 .085 .105 .130

RoadTested   Woodstock Amp


RoadTested™ Woodstock Amp is a vintage tube design. 260 watt bass amp with four KT88 tubes and custom built power transformers.

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