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Owner & Artist Pat Wilkins

Pat Wilkins has been developing his expertise in woodworking and finishing for more than 30 years. For many established artists within the music industry, Pat is known for his beautiful workmanship, attention to sonic detail and unwavering commitment to his customers.  If you are considering working with us and would like to know about Pat’s background or are just curious, visit his Bio page at the following link:

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"To me, when an instrument is 'road tested' it means it’s been played, loved and traveled with.  I build my instruments to feel like they’ve already been used and are warm and inviting to the player." 

Pat Wilkins, 2018

 Wilkins Custom Guitar Finishes

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To date, we have finished over 30,000 instruments and continue to be a leader in the high-end guitar and bass custom finishing market. We are innovators in the development of materials and techniques used by most instrument manufacturers today.

Wilkins Custom Finishes


Wilkins Basses endorsed by 

Peter Cetera

"In my 38 years as an electric bassist I have owned just about every bass you can think of... Nothing ever fully satisfied my eclectic tastes or truly diverse gig demands until I discovered my Wilkins basses. Not only are the electronics flexible enough to rise to any occasion, but the feel of the instrument is unsurpassed. No matter what you're looking for in an instrument, Wilkins can keep you happy for a long, long time. I'm hooked!"

Joe Iaquinto - Los Angeles


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